Tuesday, August 21, 2007 that I love.

We spent a week on the home and birthplace. There is something special about reconnecting with my people and the place where life began! I love the stories my Elders tell me each time I return.

This visit was one of closure in many ways. My Aunt passed away a year ago and I got to help in settling her estate and also witnessed the placement of her tombstone. It was a special time and seemed fitting for a final farewell...even though due to her illness(alzheimer's) I have gone through many stages of farewell and grief.

ahhh...fresh air!!!

We have been travelling to Canada for the last Eighteen years and we have not grown tired of the Fresh winds that blow across the lakes, a far cry from the SE PA breezes. I must add that PA has its' own beauty and treasures but it is not childhood home and birthplace.

Jon and I enjoying the lake and the fresh air! It was gorgeous...

Beautiful Ontario Sunsets and Lakes...

Just one of my favourite pictures from our vacation...This has got to depict a small fragment of Beautiful Ontario...Land of many lakes, trees and sunsets!!! I love the idea of watching a sunset and basking in the evening rays (minus the mosquitos) Did I have to mention those pesky insects? I came home without the usual welts. Could it be I finally wised up with insect spray?


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