Monday, May 12, 2008

Beautiful Airmail~

What can a mother say when she gets Airmail from a daughter in a far away land?? Of course I was thrilled and an onslaught of emotions filled my soul...I was altogether happy, so very proud of her, sad because I miss her terribly and I laughed myself silly at the way she pens those words and gives a vivid picture...

She is resourceful, artistic and thoughtful...She has a very limited supply of pretty paper, adhesive etc... Made me look at my stash of supplies in a different light tonight. But guess what? She turned out this card from markers I sent along with her...I am so honoured to be her mumsy cherie♥


  1. I bet that was such a wonderful surprise!!! It's beautiful!!

  2. What a nice surprise! The card is so cute. Love those colorful Crayolas!!!! She must have your artist talent!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. It's gorgeous! She's has your resourcefulness ... making something with what she has.

    yes, I erased the above comment - not because of bad language, but because I can't spell :)

  5. Nebin never fails to be creative even with only a few supplies...the apple does not fall far!

  6. hmm, I wonder from whom she gets the crafty gene?? : )

  7. aww i didn't know you posted this!

    i LOVE you!



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