Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kenya has my Heart ~

These people are rich in their love for Jesus ~ the children were precious and full of life and love. Their curiosity to learn, to touch, to see was heartfelt and moving. My heart was moved many times over.
my daughter with the little ones ~ she was in her element
We (seven person team) participated in a four day Churchwide conference in Nakuru. On Sunday morning, we were split into teams to attend the area churches. We were blessed by the receptivity and hospitality of the people. I believe we all came back different! 
The city of Nairobi...There was much to see. This Picture is just one out of the many I took. The streets were teeming with people, vehicles of various models, vendors selling all kinds of things from produce, furniture, clothing, flea market items...bartering system. I could tell you stories.
The Gamelands in Nakuru ~ breathtaking! I took this photo from a lookout point where our host took us, while on a safari. What a privilege it was to have the opportunity to do so...
A collage of some of the animals we of my prayers was to see a lion! We saw NOT one but Two!!! I was so happy.
Now if only my body would revert back to EST...I am not complaining though. It was an amazing opportunity and a blessing to participate in this Missions trip. Thanks for bearing with me ~ I will be back to my cards this week :-)

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